Logo Design | Updating | Vectorization

We LOVE creating custom logos! Everyone needs a good logo, it is your brand, it is the first thing people notice about your company, it is you. Whether it is a new custom logo or just updating your current logo, we would love to help.

Office Print Materials

Does your crew forget where they work and who is the boss? Are they constantly stealing your supplies but you can not prove it, let us put your brand on everything!


Grab the attention of your enemies with your new custom sign! Indoors or out, paper, vinyl or plexi, doesn’t matter what the size, we can design for it all. Back-lit signs, lawn signs, A-frames, magnets and more.

Displays & Trade Show Booths

We design display materials for those on the go. Pop-Up, retractable, easy installation and compact displays that will help you get noticed wherever you are. Call today to get started, let us find the right display for your event.

Vinyl Applications

Is your ship a little plain, would you like to add something a little extra to it? From decals to full vehicle wraps we will be able to customize your ride. Are your walls are dull or dirty, cover them up with a vinyl mural. We even design graphics for windows, inside or out, large or small.

Anything Else

Are you looking for something and did not see it listed above? Do not fret, there is so much that we can design, that we ran out of room to list it all.

Battle Tested

Businesses lose battles without professional graphics being delivered quickly.

Exploring your graphic visions, inspiring our creativity.

Yesterday – For 1000s of years we have been carving runes in stone and painting strokes on parchment, but many tides ago one brave Viking named Red set out to learn about fonts and design. On the streets, across lands, displayed on walls, Red sought after and learned all that was available. Sketching the fonts and designs that flooded Red’s brain, many books and all the artists were still not enough, Red wanted more. Not long after, Red went to school to learn Graphic Sign Arts and Multimedia Design & Communications. It was at this time that Red gained access to a treasure of fonts, and thus started the oars in motion to become Red, Viking Ruler of Fonts!

Today – Now that Red is educated and has 20 years of experience in the print graphics industry, a great following grew behind the Ruler of Fonts. It was time to be extraordinary so Red started a small print graphics company called Red Viking Creative. It’s mission, to provide reliable, quality, custom graphic solutions. We’re talented, we’re strong, we’re creative, it’s time to be extraordinary!

Tomorrow – To conquer the world!

Our Why

Businesses need high quality graphic design in order to communicate their brand message.

Customers judge your business within the first few seconds.

Getting high quality custom graphics should not be difficult for a company to acquire. Small and medium sized businesses are forced to either choose a high priced boutique designer or use cheap online designers.

With the custom boutique design agency, the client has little control over the timeline and budget for their project. Quite often the client receives a surprise bill because the actual time spent on their project was more than first estimated. How is a small to medium sized business able to absorb the budget overage?

Online outsource design websites that promise custom quality for only $5 not only sound too good to be true; they are too good to be true. Logos are often templates or copied from another source. When you are looking for a unique logo design, do you really want to take a chance that your design is a copy? Many of the “artists” on these design websites often pull the old bait-and-switch tactic to upsell you. The $5 offer then becomes $100-$500.

This is unacceptable. Red Viking Creative is taking on the challenge of helping businesses with excellence in graphic design and a simple pricing structure to take the guesswork out of budgeting your design project.

The Problem With Online Freelance Design Websites

Organizations are often lured into the temptation to hire a low cost freelance ‘artist’ online. What they do not realize is most of these artists are self taught by watching online tutorials. They are known for clip-art & fonts logos. What that means for the organizations using these hacks is that they do not get a unique and custom styled logo by a trained digital artist which can be trademarked.

Red Viking Creative is on a quest to rescue people from the scourge of cheap online marauders and valiantly deliver custom, high quality design treasures.

The value of hiring a trained graphic designer with print media experience is tremendous. What would the cost be to you if you had to reprint 10,000 brochures because of a problem with the layout by an inexperienced designer? We have first-hand knowledge and experience with all forms of print media.

The Big Problem For Businesses

Businesses lose battles without professional graphics being delivered quickly.

Red Viking's Vision

To arm 1000 businesses warriors with ongoing graphic design superiority in the next 5 years.

Our Ongoing Mission

Conquering wow level graphics at the speed of business.

Red's Values

  • Learning and growing to provide the best service.
  • Overdeliver – We strive to exceed customer expectations.
  • The customer has the power to fire us. Don’t get fired for boring designs.
  • Ask great questions and discover what the customer needs.
  • Once started, show progress every day.
  • Speed is a currency. The faster we work, the more customers make.
  • Make our pricing simple enough for our clients kids to understand.
  • Working hard is a reward in itself
  • Quality over quantity
  • In a negative world, be positive
  • Be focused and intentional in your work
  • Finish what you start before moving onto something else
  • Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines