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Why a Trained/Experienced graphic artist?

Trained/Experienced Graphic Artists have been taught the entire process of graphics not just the pretty little picture that is the end result. They have been trained in theory, layout, colour, typography, application, and much more, to provide you with the best graphics for you and your company’s needs. There is more to designing a graphic or logo than the final little image and trained experienced graphic artists design with these requirements in mind.

Your company’s logo is it’s overall brand and identity, brands are big business and every business has a brand. We all have a favorite product/brand that we pick over another. This is why your logo is one of the most important decisions you will have to make regarding your business. So why leave the designing of your logo to a $5 dollar graphic artist or a free online DIY design program. They are not worth the $5 or the time, your attention is better spent in other areas of your business, leave the designing to the trained professionals.

There are many tricksters out there claiming to be graphic artists and it’s hard to tell the trained and experienced from the self taught and cheap. If you are not aware you could end up with issues that will cost you more to fix down the road. Some of the issues you may face are: unfinished graphics, unusable fonts, stolen or template graphics, non compatible file types, etc.

We at Red Viking Creative pride ourselves on not only our education, but our experience of over 20 years of graphics, print and branding. Our experience sets us apart as we are always thinking ahead and looking at what future branding applications your business may need. Our logos and graphics are designed to reflect and work with all applications.

We are proud to help educate business owners in what they should be looking for in a graphic artist and graphic or logo.