Vinyl Applications

Red Viking Creative is a graphic design company that specializes in vinyl applications. We can help you create the perfect decals or wraps for your business. With years of experience in the advertising and branding industry, we can help you make the most of your vehicle graphics. Our team can create designs that will reach hundreds of thousands of viewers at a lower cost per impression than any other form of advertising. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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Vinyl Applications

More and more companies are using vehicle graphics as a means to communicate their message and make effective use of potential advertising and branding space. Vehicle graphics and window decals can reach hundreds of thousands of viewers at a lower cost per impression than any other form of advertising. With experience in large format printing, Red Viking Creative can design the decals and vehicle wraps for your business to advertise 24/7. Turing your company vehicle into a mobile billboard and your storefront into an advertisement. Vehicle wraps promote your business brand and raise recognition when your car is parked, or on the go, window decals advertise your business whether your business is open or closed.

Red Viking Creative can design for any size of project, using your logo, your colours, your fonts and supporting your business’s branding visions. Pick from a variety of options like lettering, decals, and partial or full vehicle wraps.


Vehicle Wraps


Window Decals

Looking to turn your company’s vehicle into a mobile billboard? Let us help you capture your prospect’s attention with the right design.

Red Viking Creative
Design Process

Overview of our design process we go through to make that happen!

01. Consultation

Our consultations are designed to understand your business goals, what you sell, the unique things you do and more.

02. Design Proof

We go through various steps from research to designing concepts and finalize three options for your brand.

03. Final Delivery

Through feedback and iteration, we will finalize and deliver the right design that attracts the right prospects fo your business.